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Text Captcha Solving

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SEO Tools Integration
We are working together with the developers of some of the most famous and widely used SEO Linkbuilding tools to provide You the easiest and comfortable way to use our service with Your favorite Linkbuilding tool!

Our Text Captcha Solving service is currently Integrated with several Linkbuilding programs, so that You only need to insert Your API Credentials in the software settings and it will solve Text Captchas through us!

Below You can find detailed instrunctions how to Integrate with each SEO Linkbuilding Tool, simply click the tab You need!

Step by Step instructions for integrating properly Your account with GSA Search Engine Ranker

  1. In GSA SER click on Options button on very top of the screen
  2. In the left sidebar click Captcha and on the screen that appeared, at its very bottom tick the checkbox for TextCaptchaSolver
  3. In the field next to the checkbox paste your API Key: YOUR_API_KEY
  4. Click the Test button to make sure everything is OK with the integration
  5. Click the OK button to close the Options screen